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Meanwhile, back at the ranch Jan. 19th, 2005 @ 10:38 am
OK, so I never finished the shit list. I really can't think of many more things that I don't like right now. Last year was pretty good for me to tell the truth. I got a new job that I love, I have a perfect baby boy that I am crazy about. I got to spend time with my friends and my family. To top it all off I'm not broke, I feel OK, and I saw some decent movies. Yup, a good year.

My life has certainly taken some unexpected turns over the last couple of years. First I came home from Alabama and became a social worker in Louisville, then I transferred to Lexington, then I got in trouble for doing what I was told and resigned (because the job wasn't worth fighting for... note to all interested: DO NOT GO INTO CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES). I ended up in Lexington, with a house, a new car, and no job. Oh yeah, and Natalie wound up pregnant... Luck has always been my friend, however. I got a new job at a community college, working with kids and this time actually helping them (instead of just making things worse like the state kept forcing me to do). I had to trade in the sports car after Gavin was born, but I don't miss it. I kind of like having a family car, it makes me feel more like a dad. Natalie and I are doing OK, though we still have some rough spots to iron out, and I've never loved her more than I do now. She's turned out to be a great mom (no big surprise there) and we have a happy, healthy little booger. I don't get to see him as often as I would like, but Nat is going back to school to finish her degree and that is going to take about a year. I wish they could move in now, but I'm willing to be patient.

That's pretty much about where things stand with me right now. I'm not going to take up any more space here, just wanted to recap my year. You guys have a good new years, I'll try to write more often.
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The Rest of the Story Dec. 20th, 2004 @ 10:20 pm

Well, time to finish what I started.  Below you will find the top ten things that I hated about this year, in no particular order.  Again, to spare loading time on the uninterested:


The 2004 Todd Shit ListCollapse )

See you all later!

The 2004 Todd List Dec. 20th, 2004 @ 09:13 am

Lately I have had a real shortage of things to write about here on LJ.  Most of the excitement takes place around Natalie and Gavin, so nattiejane ends up writing about most of thost things in her journal.  I deciced, however, that I was going to force myself to write something (because it's way more fun than actually working here at work) and because I wanted to share at least one thing with my LJ friends before Christmas break.  So, I have decided to leave you two top ten lists of things from this year... one, the top ten things I loved this year, the other the top ten things I hated.  If you are so inclined...

The 2004 Todd ListCollapse )

Well, that's my list of favorites... I'll have to get back to you on the list of things I didn't like because I have to get to work for a minute right now and at least make it look like I'm doing some work! 



New Gavin Pictures Nov. 22nd, 2004 @ 07:56 pm

Hey everyone... sorry it's been so long since I have updated... I have been very busy getting ready for the upcoming holidays and spending time with my son and his mommy.  Gavin will be 3 months on Nov. 23rd and he is really growing fast.  It's hard not to be with him and Natalie all the time but we are all making plans to be together in the near future, so things are going well.  I have some new pictures of Gavin and Natalie... I hope you guys like them.  I think they really show his little personality starting to come through.  He's a sweet little guy.  Congratulations to staceriffic and her family on the birth of her son, Max.  Guess the Mystic Pig wasn't off by too much!  Enjoy the pictures and if I don't get a chance to update again before T-Day have a happy Thanksgiving!

"Read my lips!"

Happy Baby!

Hello Mommy!

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Mystic Pigs and Other False Prophets. Oct. 28th, 2004 @ 03:55 pm

A warning to all LJ useres.  Recently a sharlatan has invaded our beloved community.  This false prophet has spread false prophecy and misdirection in his wake, cloaking himself in a veil of cuteness.  His name is "The Mytic Pig," and he should be avoided at all costs. 

nattiejane and I have a friend who is waiting patiently for the birth of her son, Max (ummm, Max being the yet unborn son, just to clarify).  Quite often she has consulted the Mystic Pig about the date on which Max will enter the world.  Usually, the Mystic Pig has told her that Max would come on that very day, only to be proven wrong.  My crack team of hoax busters, comprised completely and totally of myself, cornered this Mystic sHAM and force him to crack.  Under the pressure of my mighty clicking finger, the Porky Prince of Lies declared the following.  What you are about to see is shocking, and may offend the sensitive. 

The Mystic Pig

I asked the mystic pig: Are you a lying stack of piggy shit?
and the mystic pig said: Of course.

Ask the Mystic Pig another question
created by ixwin

There you have it folks... from the mouth of the deciever himself...

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Other entries
» Friday Night Sprites

OK, I'm all about a football movie with a message. I liked The Longest Yard.  I liked Remember the Titans.  What I don't like is a football movie with a message that pretends to be something else.  Friday Night Lights the latest of the "kids who play high school football and learn what it is to be men" movies to hit theatres. 

Before I get too far, let me tell you that for what it is I liked this movie.  Billy Bob Thornton was great as a very put-upon coach, not in the Henry Winkler Waterboy sense but in the very real "either you win state or we fire your ass" sense.  Throughout the movie, the most interesting part, to me, is the relationship between the fans and the coach.  When he wins they LOVE him, I mean like second coming of Christ love.  When the team loses they HATE him, in one scene he comes home after a losing game and finds his wife surveying all the FOR SALE signs that local realtors put in his front yard... after ONE LOSS.  By the end of the movie you find yourself wanting the Permian-Odessa Panthers to win solely for the sake of their coach.

The supporting cast was good too.  Lucas Black was excellent as the Panther's extremely intense quarterback, Mike Winchell.  Derek Luke was very good (and very believable) as Boobie Miles, the superstar of the team.

Things look good for the Panthers at the beginning, Miles is a dominant force that other teams just can't stop... until he tears his ACL in the first game of the season.  Enter plot.  The Panthers have to pull it together to go on and have a winning season despite the fact that their entire offense was built around Miles, who can no longer play.

This movie is Varsity Blues without the humor.  Odessa, Texas is a little dirt hole with a first class high school football stadium that probably cost more than the rest of the town put together.  Throughout the movie there is kind of an ovewhelming sense of desperation.  These kids all want out, and football is their only way.

So, basically, my beef isn't with the movie itself, but with the timing of it.  The movie is depressing, but you don't get any real sense of that from the previews.  It has some uplifiting moments, but in the end it's a friggin downer.  To be honest, I polled the friends that went to see it with me last night and we all agreed that we wouldn't have gone to see it if we had known what it was really going to be about.


Oh, and did I mention that there is more guy on guy hand holding, eye gazing, and soul searching than in an episode Queer As Folk?
» Happy Sweetest Day Sweetheart!
I know that it's a few days early, but this is the only chance I am probably goin to get to update my journal before the weekend. Sweetest day is October 16th, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this holliday, it is kind of like a second Valentines Day. In short, it's another excuse to tell the person (or people, if you swing that way) that you love exactly how much you love them. For Natalie and I it is even more important as it was the first "couple" holliday that we really got to celebrate together, it is also important because my nickname for Nat when we were kids was "Sweetness," so it kind of fit.

A lot of things have changed since Nat and I started going out. We have been through a lot; some good, some bad and we are still together. We have spent years apart both by choice and by events beyond our control and we have never stopped loving each other. Natalie is my soul-mate, it's that simple. I hope that she knows how much her love has meant to me over the years. I don't know what would have become of me without her love. We have both dated other people over the last few years, but no one has ever made me feel as content as she has. No one else is as good at pushing my buttons either.

Recently Natalie became the mother of my child, my little angel Gavin. Gavin wasn't exactly planned, but I thank God every day that Natalie was chosen to be the mother of my little boy. Every time I watch her with him I fall a little more in love with her. I know it may seem sometimes like I miss things the way that they were before he was born, and things were certainly simpler then. I know that sometimes I may seem frustrated when she doesn't have time to talk to me because she has to run to take care of him, but in truth I just miss her so much that sometimes I don't know what to do without her, especially when she doesn't have time to talk to me even on the phone. Still I would rather her take care of our boy than talk to me, I just really miss my girl.

Natalie, you are amazing. I wish I had more money to get you the things you deserve for being so great, especially around Sweetest Day or Valentines Day. You deserve the world, and I can barely afford to get you a Wendy's hamburger and a frosty, but I promise you can always eat my fries! (This is an inside joke, it is pretty much for Nat's benefit only so if you don't understand it, don't sweat it). We have the ultimate symbol of our love right there with us, our little boy is the perfect symbol of our love and I hope that every time that you look at him that you can see my love for you reflected in his eyes, just like I see your love for me when I look at him.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you and Gavin. I want to show you both how much I love you. Happy Sweetest Day Natalie. I'll see you tomorrow.
» Working on Saturday Sucks!
Well, here I am in the office at LCC South, waiting my turn to babysit a bunch of highschoolers taking our ACT prep course. BLAH!!! I don't so much mind the working on Saturday bit, but my baby is at home and I would like to be with him and Nattiejane, I have to take them home after I get done here, and I'm not looking forward to having them go.

Natalie and Gavin have stayed with me three nights now. I have loved almost every minute of it. I do have to say, though, that being a dad is a lot tougher than I thought... I have a newfound respect for what Natalie does day in and day out. It's exhausting. Honey, if I ever acted like I don't appreciate what you do or how well you do it, I'm sorry, it will never happen again! I am amazed at how sweet you manage to stay in the face of exhaustion and a crying baby. I love you both more than anything. I really feel sometimes that you deserve a better father for your child and a better partner for yourself. I try, but sometimes I just don't seem to quite make the grade and I am so sorry for that. I'm sorry for ever dissappointing you. I hope that you will continue to love me like you do and realize that I'm trying my best to be the man you need me to be. I LOVE YOU! If you ever need to call me in the middle of the night to talk, or just to have someone up with you when you are feeding Gavin, just so you know you aren't the only person in the world who isn't sleeping, CALL ME. I mean it.

I haven't even taken Nat and Gavin home yet and I already wish that they were staying longer. If they would both move in tomorrow I would change all the dirty diapers in the world and go months without sleep just to have them there. I've loved having the two of them with me so much I'm not sure how I'm going to go back to having the house to myself. It's going to seem so empty, and so quiet. I wish that they were staying longer.
» I saw old Autumn in the misty morn, stand shadowless like silence, listening to silence.- T. Hood

Well, the leaves are turning, it's getting chilly, pumpkins are for sale, and Caudill brought me some of his grandma's homemade apple butter...  All these things lead me to one inevitable conclusion.  My favorite time of year is here again, Autumn.  This, more than any time of year, is when I feel connected to the earth and to myself.  My dad has said for years that he hates the Fall because Winter is soon to follow and everything is dying.  I just don't think he spends enough time outside or something.  Sure, winter does follow autumn, but I don't equate this time of year with death.  The trees put on their last great show before going to sleep for the winter, filling the world with color.  There is just something peaceful about a stand of trees with leaves turned. 

For some reason I just feel like there is a little more magic in the air in Autumn.  The colors and the sounds of a forest this time of year reminds me, for some reason, that some things still work the way that they were intended to when the world was created.  Some cycles just can't be broken.  Autumn reminds me of past campfires with my friends and the smell of leaves in piles when you dive into them.  It reminds me of hayrides in the country and bonfires on creeksides.  It reminds me of days when things were far simpler. 

The bite in the air and the sounds of an autumn forest make me feel alive in ways that the her three sisters never have.  It's like an invisible string that pulls on my heart and asks me to come outside and be part of the world.   Hope you enjoy your autumn as much as I know I will enjoy mine!

» Lost & Forgotten

Alright a few more of my ideas on some current entertainment choices.

Lost: Episode 2

First up, episode two of the new series Lost on ABC.  Still good... I still like it.  I've hear complaints, and this episode certainly won't silence them, that too little happens in each episode of this series.  OK, granted, they don't get very far in each episode.  I don't see this as a huge problem as it helps keep up the excitement, suspense, and curiosity to see what is going to happen in the next episode.  Also, they are trapped on an island... one has to imagine that there is only so much to do on an island... in other words the writers would quickly run out of material if they did too much, too fast. 


We learn some interesting things in episode two.  First... the korean couple really is as weird as they appeared to be in episode one.  The husband seems like he is willing to try to help out the other survivors, offering them food in some of the funniest moments of this episode, but apparently has a very strange relationship with his wife/girlfriend/whatever.  He seems not just overprotective, but downright posessive.  Charlie, our little hobbit, has a drug problem and was in the process of getting busted when the plane went down, lucky him.  Sahid turns out to be a former Iraqi Republican Guard (come on... you knew the war was going to filter in somehow) and he can fix transponders, so he fixes the transponder.  Unfortunately, there is no signal... so, despite the giant thingy and the whatnots Kate decides that she and Sahid will lead a group to the top of one of the island peaks to get a better signal.  On their way they learn that one of the plane's occupants is a US Marshal and that he had a gun (because scrungy asshole guy who's name I refuse to bother to learn) has it.  Second, that said gun comes in handy for shooting polar bears. 

Yes, that's right... two extremely unlikely things; first, that there is a polar bear on a tropical island, and second that scrungy asshole shoots and kills it with a handgun.  Not just any handgun, but what appears to be a 9mm Glock.  Unless this guy is a some kind of trained bear assassin, that's not likely!

The cast-aways also pick up a signal with their transciever in french.  Miss whiny britches (who only came on the trip to piss off her brother) works out that this is an SOS.  Sahid figures out from the number of times that the message is supposed to have repeated that the message was started over 15 years ago.

Besides the fact that you can't shoot a polar bear with a 9mm and actually kill it, or trying to figure out what kind of power source could keep an SOS transmitting for 15 years this was otherwise good TV.  I am starting to really like the interplay between the cast interesting.  The big dude continues to be my favorite character.  Terry O'Quinn's mysterious character finally speaks, though only to the sole child survivor, and is rather ominous.  He give the kid a history lesson on Backgammon (the oldest game known to man) and then asks him if he, "Wants to know a secret."  What this secret is we do not find out, but I'm sure that it's pivitol to the fate of the survivors.  All in all, B+ at least.

The Forgotten

OK.  No spoilers for this one as it's still in theatres.  The forgotten is one of those aptly named movies that will likely be forgotten before the video is released.  It's the story of a mother (what the hell kind of name is Telly) whose only child, Sam, died in a plane crash several months earlier.  Telly just can't let go and is haunted by memories of her son.  Soon, strange events begin to occur, Sam's image vanishes from pictures that he was once in, video of Sam as a child goes blank.  Telly becomes convinced that there is a vast conspiracy to erase the existence of her child.  A movie then ensues.

Telly (played by misty eyed tear queen Julianne Moore) is a sympathetic character as is her eventual co-conspiritor Ash (played by some ex-hockey-player looking fellow).  Moore is the ONLY glue holding this cheesball together.  As the story progresses the plot gets increasingly muddled until we get to the big plot twist, in which we are thoroughly dissappointed that we paid full price to see a movie whose authors evidently aren't aware of the fact that this plot device has been used numerous times and usually better than they have used it here.

Besides it's flaws, this movie is about the special connection between a mother an a child and just how far a parent will go to protect their child.  As a new parent, that message resonated with me.  New parents will enjoy at least that part of the movie.  Other than that, skip it and then hire someone to burn the film it's printed on.

These are, as always, just my opinions, feel free to voice your own by responding!

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